Painting Henri Matisse's villa


  "In the South of France,
  in the town of Vence,
  in the villa of Henri Matisse;

  We're gathered for some fun
  with the scenery and the sun,
  to share a week of mere creative bliss".



A brief report from a painting course
Villa Le Rêve, Vence, France, June/July 2002

A b o u t    t h e    c o u r s e

I n   t h e   g a r d e n   o f    H e n r i    M a t i s s e:
song, illustrated version, verse by verse, PDF

T h e   b e r t h   o f    W h a t s t h e p o i n t i l i s m
- a tale of a participating painter's compact career

Robert McLean's course web page    Robert's portrait of Henrik on McLean site

Henrik W, painted by Robert McLean

The pictures are available with higher resolution. Please e-mail me.



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