A few random images and comments from
Henrik's visit to New Zealand, September 2001

In September 2001 I was invited to New Zealand as the keynote speaker at the annual New Zeland Technical Writers Association annual conference. When you travel somewhere for 36 hours in order to speak for 45 minutes, you may as well stay a little longer. Especially since this beautiful country with its friendly people is stranded somewhere in the Pacific.

These pages contain some random photos and comments from my 3 week visit to New Zealand in September 2001.
The photos merely constitute an appendix to 6-7 hours of video. But for anyone who might be slightly interested in what I did and where I went (and I for one tend to be interested from time to time), this is a summary. The easiest way through the misery is to open the first link and then select the link at the bottom of that page, and so on. Or use the
(Most of the photos are 20-80Kb, so the pages shouldn't take too long to download.)

This was intended as a minimalistic photo gallery. It soon turned rather verbose (which is not really a big surprise). And the comments will probably be expanded when time allows, and when I start learning a few things about New Zealand..

Parua Homestay:
Gin tonic
    Web site
New Zeland Technical Writers Association annual conference
    Ruth, Stephanie & Kathryn

Sailing on the Pacific
Mission Estate

TranzAlpine (Christchurch-Greymouth-Christchurch)
Arthur's Pass

(Norway-New Zealand map 116Kb)

New Zealand in Norwegian literature

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 Henrik's CD - English summary (PDF, Word)


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