Henrik in New Zealand, September 2001


Perfect cover!Norsewood is a small town (or road-crossing) that was established by Norwegian immigrants in the early 1880s.

Not a lot to see, apart from a tiny museum, but when you've done a bit of reading,
such as Ø. Molstad Andresen's best-selling historical novel Johanna's World,
it was fascinating to be there - if only for 30 minutes (when the bus back to Napier arrived
6 minutes early). And visit the cemetery where the persons in the novel are buried.

A few other curiosa items from Norsewood:
They built the Railway Hotel in Norsewood before it was decided that the railway would pass through the Danish town Dannevirke and not Norsewood.
In 1888 bush fires reduced most of the town to ashes. Some saw the fire as the work of God, for the previous week a popular vote had abolished local Prohibition.
- 'Yet the church was burnt down and the pub was saved,' commented the Daily Telegraph.

(If you should be more interested in the technical workings of the Norsewood dairy in 1898 than in the people, the Internet covers all bizarre desires.)

I looked for Johanna's World in most bookstores I visited around the country, and was amused
to see it placed in a different section in each store: Fiction, New Zealand fiction, Biographies, History, etc.

Henrik's Emigranz song

Read more about New Zealand in Norwegian literature.

On the Pacific shore, leaving tomorrow behind me.


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