You no speak Norwegian?

You can always tell a Norwegian,
but you can't tell him much.
This probably goes for you, too; one way or the other.

You have entered Henrik Wigestrand's digital home -
a virtual cave filled with digital bits and pieces
put together to resemble a whole.
Or a hole. Whatever.

Most of it is in Norwegian - a language with certain
phonetic characteristics in common with Chinese,
but slightly fewer native speakers.

The English version is slightly inferior in quantity.
Mind you, you're not missing much either.

The main thing to bear in mind is that Henrik Wigestrand
is a serious person who does not take himself too seriously.

Painting in Vence


If you really want to learn more about Henrik:

The Academic (MA in English + Political Science & Archaeology.) 
The Archaeologist (University studies and 12 months' experience)    
The Computer Slave
(Life sentence, 19 years served)
The Lover

The Moviemaniac (800+ movie video collection)
The Speaker/Presenter (from New Zealand to Québec)
The Creative Consultant (The business side of things)
The Pilgrim
On the WWW
The tourist
- Henrik in New Zealand
The debater

The Singer/songwriter/entertainer
The painter (in Matisse's villa)