Close to Cloos

For Janet Cloos on her 30th birthday 7.7.1990

It's time for joy and celebration,
oh, how time does fly!
But we'll have champagne and cheers
for your thirty happy years;
'cause now's the 7th of July!
It's nice to be here for your birthday,
and seeing you is such a thrill!
Well, I know that's nothing new,
'Cause you're more than beauty, too;
and you just may not be perfect, but still

Cloos, You're very close,
Damn close, Janet Cloos,
You're close, You're pretty, Cloos;
Let's have a toast to Janet Cloos!

In your career with your computers,
You've come a long, long way;
And you spend your days and nights
working with your bits and bytes;
So we're glad that you could make it today;
And here your friends are gathered 'round you;
We come from near and far;
Well, of course we had to be
here for your anniversary;
And we may leave far away, but we are

We're very close
Pretty close
to Janet Cloos;
We're close,
we're pretty close,
in our best clothes
with Janet Cloos!

It's nice to have a friend like Janet;
Even if you move to some other planet,
you feel

Very close
Pretty close
to Janet Cloos.

I feel close even without Cloos,
Don't know why - that's the way it goes;
Feel it tickling down in my toes,
'Cause she's got that certain quelque chose,
So look out, all of you Romeos,
You may be up for an overdose;
Though Madonna sings: Strike a pose,
I'll give my rose to Janet Cloos;
Now the song's coming to a close,
Just have time to propose a toast,
To propose a toast to the lovely host-
Happy birthday, Janet Cloos!

Tekst & melodi: Henrik Wigestrand