Ballad of an aging heart

Tekst & melodi: ©2001 Henrik Wigestrand

You know, something in this situation
makes me feel that I've been here before;
For a couple of years,
I've expended my tears,
and my heart's been shown all kinds of doors.
We were strangers, and friends, we were lovers,
Now we're back where we started again;
There's no need to explain,
I get used to the pain
of another love gone down the drain.
Back to square one,
it's the end of the fun,
and my heart is left out in the cold
to make a new start,
but I feel that my heart's
growing old, growing old, growing old.
In a way you could say that I'm getting
some perfection at singing the blues;
Although I may have known
that the birdie has flown,
still my heart keeps on blowing the fuse.
For a month, maybe two, I can take it;
I've got memories keeping me warm;
But I imagine the cost
is the coating with frost
of a heart that is lost
in the storm.
End of the show,
I could see you would go,
and I won't even ask you to stay;
I see your cause,
and I hear your applause
fade away, fade away, fade away....
Well, it looks like the fall of the curtain,
And I guess I won't see you no more;
But with my songs in your head -
Making love in my bed -
won't you please let me give an encore,
won't you please let me give an encore?

(Og man skal være temmelig språkfiksert for å ta det siste poenget - encore er jo ekstranummer...)