The Archaeologist

For a long time, Henrik wanted to become an archaeologist. Then he became one. For a while.

Many people dream of becoming an archaeologist, until they start thinking.

Henrik also contributed script, music and sound effects to an experience museum related to Viking Age iron production.

And no matter how patiently you work in vain, it is rewarding to uncover a fibula worn by a Bronze Age person.

Archaeology in Norway implies a number of rare experiences:

- You get to see the places that God forgot (i e wilderness and remote crossroads).
- You have no other available pastime than alcohol.
- You work and live together with people at least as weird as yourself.

Among Henrik's digs (in Norway):

Medieval Tønsberg (5 meters in 870 years) Nedre Langgate, Tønsberg
Oslo in the 1600s Revierstredet & Kontraskjæret, Oslo
Grave mound on top of stone age settlement (fibula) Hunn, Østfold
Iron production site (Viking Age/Medieval) Møsvatn, Telemark
Grave mound Nannestad
Grave mound Håkestad, Vestfold
Locating Stone age hunting grounds and sites Eiken/Knaben/Lyngdal valley

Stone age settlement

Auve, Vestfold
Iron production in the Viking age Hovden, Setesdal valley
Hovden Iron production - Interactive museum about Viking Age iron production (script, sound and music) Hovden