Ape dance (Rough English translation)

Words & music: 2000 Henrik Wigestrand

I composed the melody and beat through improvisation when being the only available dance music
at a two day IBM departmental meeting in the Norwegian countryside. The words were added when
I went home - to the office.

(More about my "career" with IBM (in Norwegian). Picture of me and some IBM colleagues.)

A friend of mine has married the computer business
His best friend in the world is a Digital computer
And that's where he's put his soul and compiled it;
He dresses in a suit and tie and seems very advanced;
All he reads is manuals, He is the modern Neanderthal Man.

And we, who don't understand much about such technology,
easily get the impression that he's a genius.
But if you could see him when he's on his own,
You'd discover he's a completely different type.
He has habits you'd never guess:
His fridge is full of bananas, And he sings to himself:

Do the Ape Dance, boo-boo-bee-doo...

Another friend of mine is a medical doctor,
You can't talk to him unless you speak Latin.
The fine, white clothes make him look important and formal.
But he longs for the trees when he's by himself.
We're blinded by his shining white coat,
But if you only scratch the surface, you'll soon hear him say:

Do the Ape Dance, boo-boo-bee-doo..

You find an ape or two among the famous, too,
I'm sure you've heard Sinatra sing: Du-bi-du-bi-du...
And the ape often shows under the influence of alcohol,
Then you see who walks on four legs and who walks on two.
They only refrain from drinking because if they didn't, they'd
Do the Ape Dance, bu-bu-bi-du...